How to pre-wash cloth nappies

Pre-washing your cloth nappies is an essential first step when you receive your cloth nappies from us. If you don't prewash them, they will lack the absorbency required to properly retain sufficient moisture thus increasing the chance that they will leak. This is just like buying new bathroom robes and towels; they don't really dry you properly until you’ve washed them! Here at Summer Sweets Baby we recommend that you prewash your reusable nappies at least once before use, ideally twice before use. This can be done at 30 or 40 degrees celsius as there is no need for anything higher and you only need to use minimal detergent. Some parents advise us they avoid using detergent for their prewash, but we have always said its best for hygiene reasons and for that lovely clean smell! And a quick tip: there is no need to dry your cloth nappies in between the two pre-washes as there is no benefit to doing so!.

While your cloth nappies will be ready to go after the second wash, they will only reach their full absorbency by wash 8. You may ask us why not wash them back to back 8 times before use, but this would negate any environmental or cost savings you would be looking to achieve with cloth nappies from the start. As a rule of thumb, just don’t let your little baby go more than 4 hours between changes before wash number 8.

And remember, depending on which brand(s) you have, if you have coloured cloth nappies and/or coloured cloth wraps you should wash dark/strong colours separately to whites/lights in case of any colour running occurring, as not all items are colourfast. Additionally, while one item in a particular brand might be, some others necessarily aren't. We also advise that you pre-wash all the absorbent parts of your reusable nappy system; these parts include nappies, boosters, inserts, and muslins. You don't need to pre-wash your cloth nappy wraps or fleece liners to build absorbency, but they'll benefit from one wash to rinse away any manufacturing residue and its our recommendation for hygiene purposes.