Pocket Nappies


    Pocket nappies are the most customisable cloth nappies and the most popular at Summer Sweets Baby. A pocket nappy is essentially a nappy cover but has an added layer over the waterproof cover fabric to make it like a pocket that you stuff the insert(s) into. These are fabulous as you can use whatever type of insert you would like and can even double up if baby needs the extra boost of absorbency. For example, you can use a microfibre insert alone if your baby isn’t a heavy wetter or for day time use, or if you have a heavy wetter you can use a bamboo insert, or even pair the two up! The pocket nappies need to be changed out each time like disposable nappies. You also want to make sure once you have a dirty pocket nappy that you take the inserts out of the nappy to be ready for washing. Do note that the inserts and cloth nappies can be washed in the same cycle!