Pre-order Information

What does pre-order mean?
-These items are not currently in stock with us, but should arrive soon. We keep you as up to date as we can on the timeframes on our Facebook page and Facebook group. By ordering in our pre-orders it means you get the items cheaper than when the arrive to us and we sell them as in stock items. It also guarantees you get the print you want as we do not stock all of the prints.

When do I receive the item(s)?
-As soon as they arrive to us, we quality check them and ship them to the address you provided at check out. 

What if I want to order in stock items and pre-order items?
-We ship combination orders of in stock and pre-order items together once all items are with us. If you prefer to receive the in stock items quicker, you must complete two separate checkouts. There is a reminder of this at checkout.

What if I want to cancel my items that I have on pre-order?
-You may cancel the items by contacting us as soon as possible at, but there will be a restocking fee of 30%. If there was a free shipping offer used for over a certain amount and this results in the total falling below this threshold, a shipping cost will be added to the order/taken from the refunded amount.

My address has changed since I completed a pre-order, what can I do to ensure I get my delivery?
-Please email us ASAP at and provide your new address and order number and we can update our information for your delivery.

Oops! I forgot a few items and want to make a second order of pre-order items. Can you combine my shipping and issue a refund?
-We cannot combine shipping on pre-orders as we would be charged. Take your time with the order as we will let you know when preorders close via our social media pages.

I am not from Ireland, am I still able to order your pre-order and/or in stock items? 

-Yes! We will set the fees for shipping at the standard rates with An Post (Ireland's national postal service). These are based on both weight and bulk of the packages. The current rates are available here:

*NOTE: If you do not see your country listed on the An Post page, send us an email to see if we are still able to ship to you. Many countries have been put on hold due to Covid-19.