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Attipas Robot - Blue

Lovely and soft but small

Not really a one size, fits well until maybe around 10kgs. Love the stay dry nights for softness and good absorbance. In day use perfect, nights with a booster. Really slim and nice on. Dries fast.

Super soft

Very soft and gentle on baby skin. Paired with hemp booster on a tie on Nappy and then wool cover.

5* Irish brand wipes.

We love these. Soft, stay lovely even in hard water, don’t bleed colour, and super affordable. Highly recommend!


Love that these nappies are an Irish brand and love it even more coming from this company. Super fast shipping as always and brilliant customer service. The nappy itself is super soft, lasts us ages, is easy to wash, and comes with a booster which I find fabulous!! Cannot fault this nappy whatsoever as it is the only one that has stayed soft in our hard water. Highly recommend!!

Relaxed fit woolly pants

Fit great on top of even chunkier nappies, very strechy material. Handy that doubles as pants at home keeping baby warm and cozy. Wash carefully to keep them good!

Best for under 1s

My boy was already 1 when I bought this. He doesn't like wearing bibs so it wasn't a great purchase for me at this time. Also note that it has ties (not velcro). It does look very nice.

Great products & customer service

Great experience ordering from Summer Sweets Baby, really like the great quality natural Disana diaper system, consisting of the organic cotton diapers, inserts & wool diaper covers.

Happy customer :)

Awesome diaper, too bad production has stopped

This fitted diaper is amazing for holding in number twos. I have used them since my son was about 4 months old/ 8 kg for the large size. We didn't have to use the tightest snaps, so he would have fit them earlier, which daycare would have preferred over the other diapers we have. Too bad this diaper is no longer produced.

Baby not yet born, so haven't used nappies, but service and delivery very good thanks. Ask again in February 2023, we' ll know how the nappies are working then. Thanks

Travel bag

Great size. Lovely attractive pattern.

Great nappy. Great service

Motherease wizard uno’s are slim and reliable. Ideal for out and about and dont leak in the sling or car seat. Super fast delivery also

Great baby gift!

Summer sweets baby has great offering, so recipients have great selection to choose from. Also if in doubt will there be interest in trying cloth nappies, this is a very intrusive and eco-friendly gift giving a chance and the thought for it.

Vest extenders

Perfect fit to make vest fit nicely around reusable nappies, fit all different vests.

Little lamb fitted nappy

I love these nappies, great soakage & super easy to use

Great nappy

Perfect nappy. Beautiful, reliable, fits well and easy to use with just 2 snaps each side.

Super fit

Great fitting and very soft nappy. Sizing on point, baby won't grow out too soon. Only issue, dries slow here in Ireland. Would warmly recommend still!

Nice softness

Very nice and soft nappy. Fits well with the XL cover. Shame the one size one of these is very small in size but this will keep you covered for until potty training. My 16 months old wears this on smallest setting. For night needs a booster but very good for daytime use.

Amazing incentive that needs more instructions

I think it's incredible that the city is offering this incentive for families to trial something that they may never otherwise - because either they can't afford to and/or don't think it's for them. The quality of the nappies and liners are incredible and it's a very generous package, but I think including instructions about how to prepare the liners, care for the diapers and liners, and use/size them correctly should be provided (this is where I'm taking a star away). I had to do my own research to know that hemp liners need to be washed about 7-8 times before use for maximum absorption, and bamboo ones about 3-4. I did all of this before we used the diapers for a trial in the evening.
The first time he woke up and we checked, it was wet but nothing too bad so we changed the liner and he went back to sleep. The second time he woke up, the diaper was soaked, and he was so uncomfortable having this wet, warm and heavy liner against his skin. He's going through a sleep regression right now and I do believe that the second time he woke up was due to the diaper, so we're going to park them for now and trial again once he's back to a more stable sleep routine.

Cloth Nappy Incentive Scheme Bundles

Cloth Nappy Scheme - FCC - Great Initiative

I got Bundle 1 and am very happy with it. The wipes, nappies and liners are excellent quality; in my opinion, the Mama Koala nappies are a bit small and my little girl will grow out of them quickly as she’s quite big already at 4 months. Would love a small card or QR code with details on how to use the nappies to their maximum benefit, and more info on what I should expect absorbency-wise and if I need to buy anything additional - I find the cloth nappy world and all the terminology quite daunting. Shipping was super quick and Summer Sweets Baby were on the ball on online forums to help - thanks Amanda! Overall these are brilliant and I would highly recommend this scheme.

Cloth Nappy Bundle

A lovely mix of bits in the bundle. The nappies are attractive looking. The bundle is a great way to try out cloth nappies. Your website is great for reading up on best practice.

Cloth Nappy Incentive Scheme Bundles
Mareike Erika Zackariat

Cloth Nappy Incentive Scheme Bundles

Great bundle!

Love the nappies we received. The inside material appears dry to the touch even with the insert quite wet. The nappies wash well and have cute designs. The fit is a bit tight around the legs but that might just be us. I would recommend this scheme to everyone!

Suits everything

Perfect match to any boy or girl outfit