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Nappy Incentive

I think this incentive is great, I wouldn't of thought about using reusable nappies if I didn't see this advertised.

Cloth Nappy Incentive Scheme Bundles

Overall is good very usable ,good benefit scheme

Great start

I had been wanting to try cloth nappies on my previous children and always thought it looked to be too much work etc but I am thrilled to be using cloth nappies finally on my 3rd and all going well so far. Takes a little bit more planning but I am hoping to get fully into the swing of it as time goes on. Worth doing it even if you are just swapping out a few disposables a day!

Speedy shipment, great quality

Quality fabric, well woven and absorbent.

Brilliant Scheme

Delighted to be involved in this scheme and to give cloth nappies a try. Getting on well with them so far.

Works well

Really handy when using cloth nappies or for extending the use of vests. They fit most clothes I have.

Bayrli Outer Diaper Cover
Ariane van den Hof
Great cover

Fits baby very well and is pretty much leak-proof

A hugely generous bundle of stuff!

The free cloth nappy incentive scheme is very generous. I was so pleased to receive a huge bundle of stuff: 10 nappies, 10 liners, 10 wipes and a wetbag...all washable and reusable.
To get used to using the cloth nappies, I started very gently! I've been using the wipes with water instead of disposable babywipes.
I will admit that it's hard this time of year (winter) to keep on top of washing and drying clothes with our damp weather, so I'm very confident that I'll use the full reusable nappy set once spring comes around!
Another handy thing is I use the reusable nappy on over my baby's actual nappy at night to avoid leaks and to avoid having to wash clothes/sleep bag/sheets... we're not using all reusable stuff 100% of the time but it's still saving us on rubbish and waste!

Love these covers

I love the air flow covers, they are light so dry super quick and are a great fit for my baby who has very chunky things. The snappers mean easy to fasten on a baby who’s starting to move. Also never have any leaks apart from 1 massive explosion that I don’t think any nappy/cover would have contained

Cloth Wipe Bits - Cloth Wipe Solution
The Best Solution

These cloth wipe bits are great. The solution has lasted over a week and still smells fresh. (Very light scent so I added some chamomile)
Simple to prepare and has revived my want to use reusable wipes. Great addition to a new born baby hamper.

Very good

Easy to use, very strong and very good. Would recommend

Little Lamb Vest Extenders (3 Pack)

I always buy those leggings for my grandson,

Really lovely leggings, hard wearing, great value. Fast service.
Thank you
Mary O Donnell

We love these wraps

My baby is currently sleeping on his belly and belly crawling and these are the only wraps that mean no leaks for us. They are lightweight and easy to use and our little man can't open them. Plus they are so cute.

Such a great scheme

The kit arrived really quickly, and is so much more generous than we expected! Really pleased this is available and the Bayrli nappies and gear seem really well made. Wish that some other styles (flat nappies with covers) were available as an option rather than just pockets, but it's a great starting point for us.

Best night nappies

Best night nappies I’ve come across. Highly Recommend! Rarely a leak, they are so absorbent. Love them!

Amazing wraps

Amazing wraps, use every night, never any issues. Even used over disposables on holidays and they saved us many times! Delivery is quick. Make more designs please!!


Great! I love snitch!

Bells Bumz Bamboo Cotton Tri-Fold Prefold Nappy

Excellent, dries fast and really absorbant

Great nappy cute pattern good fit and great insert

I haven't used the swim nappy yet but it looks great & the adjustable buttons are a great addition to allow for a growing baby.

Fits well but not as absorbent as I was hoping

The mum to be was delighted. Thank you

Speedy delivery. Great quality and service. Thank you

Excellent wet bag

Good size, lovely quality of fabric and beautiful print. Also conveniently doubled as an emergency mat for my baby to lie on as it's about the same dimensions as a changing mat!