Alva Baby Nappies

Product Info for Alva Nappies

Alva Baby are amongst the most popular and easy to use reusables available today. Despite being incredibly easy to use with strong poppers offering great adjustments and fits, they are also incredibly durable and economical. A wonderful first nappy for all babies, from around birth to approx 35lbs, available now with overnight delivery.

Alva Baby one size nappies are predominantly in the style of a pocket nappy with durable poppers, suitable for all small babies and babies up to approx 35lbs in weight. For smaller babies, you can use the ‘newborn hack’ to adjust the fit for smaller waists and create a tighter fit around baby’s legs to prevent gaps which can cause leaks. At Summer Sweets Baby we stock a wide variety of patterned and solid colour nappies, and Alva Baby are always some of our most popular brands. We also stock one size, or birth to potty size nappies and fitted nappies, and these comes with and without poppers as well.

These are a great fit for babies and toddlers with soft, waterproof, and breathable layers, easy to wash, and quick to dry. The one-size pocket nappy, available on our shop in many gorgeous print styles with overnight delivery, comes with adjustable rise poppers and an additional hip snap to prevent wing droop. As mentioned before, for smaller babies you can adjust the fit by using Alva's crossover snaps to get a perfect fit even on tiny babies.

Alva Baby Dinosaur pocket cloth nappy

What materials are Alva Baby Cloth Nappies made from?

Alva Baby comes with an outer and inner layer to make the pocket. The outer layer of the nappy is a waterproof and breathable PUL. The inner layer of the nappy is a polyester suede cloth (100% synthetic and breathable for quick drying) which helps to draw moisture away from your baby's bottom, keeping them nice and dry.

What else will I need with these reusable nappies?

We offer many brands and styles of pocket nappy inserts. In our Alva section, we stock 3 layer bamboo inserts, 5 layer bamboo and microfibre mix inserts, 3 layer microfibre inserts, 4 layer charcoal bamboo and microfibre mix inserts, and a 5 layer charcoal bamboo and microfibre mix insert. Other brand pocket nappy inserts will also fit in your Alva Baby pocket nappies.

You can also mix and match these inserts when stuffing them inside of the pocket nappy to get better absorption and a longer use from the nappy for your baby. You may need to add an extra booster when you need more absorbency in the Alva nappy, and adding these are a really great option to get you through to your next nappy change.

We recommend using hemp or bamboo as an insert that will absorb and lock in more liquid and pair them with each other or a fast absorbing cotton or microfibre.

When pairing any inserts, put the slowest absorber furthest away from baby’s bottom and the fastest the closest (ie: bamboo on top of hemp). Always remember to avoid using microfibre material directly next to your baby’s skin, but if you use it inside of the pocket it is fine as the lining will touch your baby, not the insert itself.

How do I use an Alva Baby pocket nappy?

An Alva Baby pocket nappy in a print or a solid colour is sure to be a favourite amongst your cloth nappy stash and is so easy to use! Simply adjust the nappy to fit your baby by snapping the rise snaps along the crotch area, stuff the  insert(s) inside of the pocket opening along the back of the nappy along with any required boosters for night or day use, place the nappy on your baby and snap the waist snaps in place with a comfortable, snug fit, and you’re all set. To help prevent leaking, run your fingers along the leg gusset and ensure it is tucked into the knicker line. Also ensure your baby has ample room to bend and move by testing that you can fit two fingers in at the waist. A pocket nappy can be used anywhere, anytime. If you’re out and about, you may want a wet bag to store the dirtied nappies until you arrive back home.

For more information on fitting a pocket nappy, choosing the right material or how layer absorbencies, the right brands to choose for your baby and your budget, advice on how to wash, rinse, and dry, or indeed any general purchase queries and how to care for your nappy, please see our Blog or do not hesitate to contact us via email.