Free Nappy Starter Kits to Tackle the Environmental Impact of Disposables

Summer Sweets Baby are delighted to partner with VOICE Ireland and Cork University Maternity Hospital (CUMH) to tackle the ever-present and growing environmental impact of disposable nappies.

This innovative program provides expecting parents at CUMH with free cloth nappy starter kits, promoting sustainable parenting practices.

Disposable nappies, a major source of household waste, contribute significantly to environmental concerns. In 2022 alone, over 75,000 tonnes of nappy waste were produced. This initiative by VOICE and CUMH seeks to tackle this issue head-on by offering an eco-friendly alternative.

The starter kits include essential items like cloth nappies, inserts, wipes, and a storage bag, alongside informative resources to assist parents in making the transition to cloth nappies. The scheme is backed by various county councils and has already been praised for its potential to make a considerable impact on reducing waste and fostering a more sustainable future.

Dr. Cathy Burke of CUMH highlights the scheme's broader significance, noting its alignment with sustainable healthcare principles and its role in combating climate change. The initiative not only aims to reduce waste but also offers financial benefits to families and promotes healthier alternatives for babies.

This initiative is more than just about reducing waste; it's about changing mindsets and habits. It's about taking small, manageable steps towards a sustainable future, not just for ourselves but for our children. As this scheme expands, more families will have the opportunity to join this positive movement.

VOICE Ireland and Summer Sweets Baby are committed to expanding the scheme, encouraging more families to adopt eco-friendly practices. Local authorities interested in participating are invited to contact Abi at VOICE for more information. And all recipients of this incentive are encouraged to explore more via our Advice Centre.

And remember, every small step counts towards a greener, cleaner planet.


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