How to Prep Your New Reusable Nappies

What is Prepping?

Prepping your reusable nappies is a simple washing process before you use them to help increase absorbency. Prepping removes natural fibre inserts of any oils that may repel liquids and cause leaking.

When Do I need to Prep My Reusable Nappies?

Prepping your reusable nappies is an essential first step when you receive your new cloth nappies. If you don't prewash them, they will lack the absorbency required to properly retain sufficient moisture thus increasing the chance that they will leak. This is just like buying new bathroom robes and towels; they don't really dry you properly until you’ve washed them!

You need to prep any absorbency such as pocket inserts and boosters, fitted nappies, flats, terries, prefolds, preflats, and all-in-one nappies.

How Do I Prep Them?

Prepping simply means washing the nappies and accessories. You'll want to wash between 1-5 times before using them depending on the makeup of the item. You do not have to dry the absorbency between washes and as long as you don't use any fabric softener, gels, or bleach, you can wash your normal clothes in the same load of laundry if you wish.

General Guidelines for Prepping Nappies:

  • Pocket nappy shells - wash once before use.
  • Nappy covers - wash once before use.
  • AIO nappies - wash 2-4 times before use depending on the materials.
  • Fitted nappies - wash 3-4 times before use depending on the materials.
  • Prefolds - wash 2-4 times before use.
  • Flats - wash 1-2 times before use.
  • Muslins - wash 1-2 times before use.
  • Terries - wash 1-2 times before use.
  • Wipes - wash once before use.
  • Microfibre inserts - wash once before use.
  • Bamboo cotton inserts - wash 2-4 times before use.
  • Bamboo inserts - wash 2-4 times before use.
  • Hemp inserts - wash 3-5 times before use.
  • Combination inserts - wash 3-5 times before use.
  • Reusable liners - wash once before use.

When Can I Begin Using the Nappies?

While your cloth nappies will be ready to go after the second wash, they will only reach their full, peak absorbency by wash 8. You may ask us why not wash them back to back 8 times before use, but this would negate any environmental or cost savings you would be looking to achieve with cloth nappies from the start. You can use them after the initial wash, but expect to change your baby more frequently to prevent leaking.