Nappy Guide: Nappy Covers

What Are Nappy Covers?

Reusable cloth nappy covers, also known as nappy wraps, are an essential part of cloth nappying your baby. They are the waterproof barrier used to cover the absorbent part of a cloth nappy when you use a two part system (such as muslins, prefolds, flats, terries, preflats and fitted nappies) to help keep your baby's clothing dry and prevent leaks.


Cloth Nappy Covers

Features of Nappy Covers

Reusable cloth nappy covers are made from a variety of materials, most commonly made from PUL or TPU, fleece, or wool. Covers come in a variety of styles, including a snap closure, hook and loop closure, or simply a pull on/pull-up style, so parents can choose the option that works best for them. Depending on the brand and material, they are also available in different sizes, to accommodate babies from birth to potty training.

Nappy covers made with PUL and TPU can be worn multiple times and only need to be washed if your baby poos in the nappy, but we do not recommend allowing your baby to wear a nappy cover more than 3 times before you store it for washing. Another tip would be to rotate between 2 nappy covers to allow the first cover to be wiped and fully air dry before wearing a second time.


Bayrli Cloth Nappy Cover

What Are the Pros and Cons of Choosing Nappy Covers?


  • Cost-effective: Nappy covers are a more affordable option than disposable nappies, as they can be used multiple times. This also makes them an economical choice even when compared to other cloth nappy types.
  • Eco-friendly: Cloth nappies, including covers, are a more environmentally friendly option than disposable nappies.
  • Customisable: With nappy covers, parents have the option to choose from a variety of absorbent inserts to fit their baby's needs, such as muslins, prefolds, flats, terries, fitted nappies, or even prefold nappies.
  • Variety of styles: Nappy covers come in a variety of styles, including snap closure and hook and loop closures. Fleece and wool are also available as a pull-up style.
  • Durable: Nappy covers are made to withstand multiple washings and can last for several months or even years, making them a more cost-effective option in the long run.


  • Additional parts: Because the cover is separate from the absorbent part of the cloth nappy, you will need to put the two parts together as one on your baby.
  • Lack of convenience: Covers require more preparation than some other types of cloth nappies, as you have to pair up the two parts before putting them on your baby.
  • Can be bulky: Some choices of absorbency are a bit bulkier than others. While terries are a wonderful natural material that absorb a lot of wee, they are quite bulky and are only recommended for nighttime use.

In conclusion, reusable nappy covers are an essential part when you choose a two part nappy system. They provide a waterproof barrier around the absorbent section of the nappy, keeping the baby's clothing dry and preventing leaks. They come in different styles, sizes and materials, and are adjustable as baby grows. Reusable nappy covers are more cost-effective and eco-friendly than disposable nappies and is a great option for parents who want to reduce their environmental impact.


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