Nappy Guide: Nappy Liners

What Are Nappy Liners?

Nappy liners are an essential accessory for any parent who uses cloth nappies. They are either single-use or reusable thin sheets that are placed inside the nappy to catch any solid waste, making cleanup easier and more efficient. 


Disposable Nappy Liners

Features of Nappy Liners

First, let's talk about what both reusable and single-use disposable cloth nappy liners are made from. Reusable liners that are entirely washable are normally made from microsuede, microfleece, different types of fleece, or athletic wicking jersey (AWJ). Some are even double layered to provide you the option of materials that you place against your baby. Nappy liners are made from moisture wicking materials and do not absorb any liquid, instead they allow it to pass through to the nappy's absorbency below. For single-use bamboo based liners, these are made from bamboo viscose fibres and are entirely biodegradable. Note that single-use liners do not keep your baby feeling dry, they only aid with cleaning up dirty nappies.

Nappy liners work by filtering away liquids and keeping any solid waste on top of the liner, keeping it away from the nappy itself. This means that when it's time to change your baby, all you have to do is remove the liner and flush the waste down the toilet and pop the liner in the bin for single-use and for reusable liners, simply shake the poo off into the toilet or spray, and wash along with your nappies.


Reusable Washable Nappy Liners

Pros and Cons of Choosing Nappy Liners


  • Easy cleanup: They make cleaning up after a nappy change much easier by catching solid waste and keeping it away from the nappy.
  • Prevention: They can help to prevent nappy rash by keeping your baby feeling nice and dry (reusable liners).
  • Protection: They can help to prolong the life of your cloth nappies by protecting them from staining and odours.
  • Washable: They are environmentally friendly and cost-effective as you can use them multiple times before having to replace them (reusable liners).
  • Options: You can choose the materials that you prefer such as AWJ, microfleece, microsuede, or other fleecy material. Even choose our Bayrli recycled AWJ and recycled fleece liners.
  • Ease of use: When out, choose a single-use liner so you can simply throw it in the bin when changing your baby.
  • Stain prevention: Not only do they prevent staining from your baby's poo, they also can help prevent staining and build up if you're using a barrier cream.


  • Additional time: They may require extra time to prepare the cloth nappy, while not much, it can add onto your changing time.
  • Convenience: Reusable liners may not be as convenient to use when you're out and about as you can't spray them off if needed, instead we recommend using single-use liners.
  • Price: They can be more expensive than disposable liners, but they are a one-time purchase as you can wash them and reuse.

In conclusion, nappy liners are a must-have accessory for any parent who uses cloth nappies. They make cleanup easy, help to prevent nappy rash (reusable liners only), and save you money in the long run. Whether you choose reusable or single-use, or even a combination of the two, you can rest assured that you are making a smart and eco-friendly choice for your baby and the environment.

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Reusable Soft Fleece Liner