Tips and Tricks for Heavy Wetters and Flooders

What Do the Terms Heavy Wetter and Flooder Mean?

A heavy wetter is a term used to describe a baby who produces a large amount of urine during the course of wearing their cloth nappy. This can make it difficult for a cloth nappy to contain all of the urine, leading to leaks and dampness. A flooder, on the other hand, is a baby who produces an excessive amount of urine very quickly and essentially floods the nappy before it can absorb all of the wee. 

How Can I Prevent Leaks with My Little One?

To deal with heavy wetters, parents who use cloth nappies often have to use more absorbent materials and change the baby's nappy more frequently. One solution is to use a cloth nappy with a better absorbing core, or if using a pocket nappy, choose inserts such as a hemp or bamboo. These materials can hold a large amount of liquid, and can be especially effective for heavy wetters.

A solution for flooders is to pair a fast absorbing layer with a high absorbency layer. An example of this would be layering a microfibre insert on top of a hemp insert.

Will My Baby Always be a Heavy Wetter or Flooder?

It's important to note that some babies are just naturally heavy wetters or flooders, and that's perfectly normal. This can change over time as well. Your newborn may not wee a large amount, but once you introduce water to their diet along with solids, you may find that they can become heavy wetters or flooders. With a few adjustments to your nappy routine, such as using more absorbent materials and changing the baby more frequently, parents can keep their baby dry and comfortable.


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