Why You Shouldn't Soak Your Cloth Nappies

Why You Shouldn't Soak Your Cloth Nappies

Cloth nappies are a popular and eco-friendly option for parents, but many people make the mistake of soaking them before washing. This practice can actually harm the nappies and decrease their effectiveness. In this post, we will explore why you should avoid soaking cloth nappies and what you can do instead to ensure they stay in tip top condition.

What Happens When You Soak Cloth Nappies

  1. Soaking can weaken the nappies' elastic and snaps. A snug fit is crucial for preventing leaks, but soaking can cause the elastic to stretch and the snaps to weaken. This can lead to leaks and make the nappies less reliable.

  2. Soaking can cause staining. Cloth nappies are more prone to staining when wet, and soaking can cause stains to set in that will be more difficult to remove.

  3. Soaking can lead to bacterial buildup. Cloth nappies are designed to be washed frequently, but soaking can cause bacteria to grow in the nappies, leading to odours and other issues.

  4. Soaking can result in detergent residue. If you use too much detergent when soaking cloth nappies, it can be difficult to remove residue during the wash cycle.

  5. Soaking can cause fabric damage. If nappies stay wet too long and not dried properly, the fabric can be damage, losing shape and durability.

What You Can Do Instead of Soaking

Instead of soaking, a better option is to rinse off the nappies as soon as possible after use and wash them on a regular schedule. You can use a nappy sprayer attached to the toilet or a small amount of mild detergent or cloth friendly soap and a quick rinse in the sink. For particularly soiled nappies, pre-wash them using your normal pre-wash cycle on your washing machine and store until it's your main wash day.

It's also important to follow the manufacturer's instructions for washing cloth nappies, as different types of nappies may require different techniques. Always use a detergent that is free of fabric softener and non-chlorine bleach, and avoid high heat setting on the dryer unless directed safe by the manufacturer.

By avoiding soaking cloth nappies and following these tips, you can help keep them in good condition and ensure they continue to do their job effectively. Happy nappying!