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Little Lamb Sized Pocket - Show Your Stripes

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Possibly the ultimate nappy on the market today, the Little Lamb sized pocket nappy is slim, stretchy and fast to dry.

LittleLamb sized pocket nappies are perfectly fitting nappies made from a stretchy outer PUL shell with their super-absorbent bamboo pocket insert, which is included. This is a square of woven bamboo that is folded into three for maximum absorbency. The insert is three times as heavy as our standard bamboo booster and can absorb three times the quantity of fluid. 

The outer is double gusseted for ultimate leak prevention and has gentle elastic to avoid compression marks on baby's delicate skin. The wee is drawn through the microfibre lining into the bamboo insert - keeping baby feeling dry. 

Size 1: 9-20lbs (4-9kg)

Size 2: 17-35lbs (8-16kg)

Size 3: 35lbs+ (16kg+)

Each sized pocket nappy comes with a flat, foldable bamboo insert.